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Features of our mass email software

List Sorcererรค has been completely rewritten from the ground up using our highly guarded priopriety programming code. We have removed all the stops with this lastest version of List Sorcerer leaving once competitors way behind. The new List Sorcerer Enterprise Edtition is a balance of robust features and awesome power



Built-in html WYSIWYG Editor, with complete template support.

Automatic Membership Services Support for double opt-in verification, members joining, members leaving, soft and hard mail bounces.
Advanced SQL Filter Tab - Provides low-level SQL query language control for those who want a more advanced interface to the database and POP3 processing rules.
Unlimited Personalization - Supports the personalization using an unlimited amount of elements from your datasource.
Unlimited Database Fields - When creating a new campaign using list sorcerers internal database you can create it to include as many fields of data as you want
Extended Database Compatibility - Software works directly with its own internal database or connects with and uses your existing company database in real-time, therefore not requirring you to import or export anything.
Database Write-Back - Writes informative information back to the database, including a complete ongoing archive, orginal subscription email, etc.
Timed E-mails - have different e-mails go out at different intervals, e-mail #1 go out immediately, e-mail #2, one week later, e-mail #3 9 days after that and so on.
Automated Scheduler - tell the program when and how often to execute scheduled tasks.
Reporting Module - get up to the second statistics on your individual campaigns.
Embedded Help - Get help fast!! when and if needed using our embeded user forum, and embedded video tutorials.
Delivery Throttling - set a maximum amount of e-mails to read per event, also set a maximum amount of e-mails to send using either our builti-in mail server or your mail server.
Progress Notifications - get event notifications with statistics sent to either your e-mail, pager, or cell phone in real-time as your scheduled events complete.
Database and E-mail preview - Enables you to view your composed e-mails before they are sent, incorporates preview of database data if embedded within the e-mail
Advanced Data Import - Import data from incoming emails, csv files or manually entered data entry screens. Automatically grab as much or as little as you wish.
Protects Your Customer Data - We have heard reports in the past from people who have used other programs that soon after uploading their customer data that their customers start to receive promotional material other then their own. This will never happen when using List Sorcerer because nobody but yourself will ever see or have access to you campaigns data.
Deliver Content based on Criteria - have the system deliver varied content based upon dynamic criteria, for example you might have a coupon sent when a customer has just purchased their 100th item, or perhaps send them a special coupon the week before their birthday, or perhaps email them a reminder notice 2 weeks before their membership expires, the possibilities are almost endless.
Tracking of opened emails - the program will automatically keep track of opened e-mails, writing this information back to your database and allowing you to send immediate response e-mails should you desire.
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