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List Sorcerer Pricing

Thank you for your interest in List Sorcerer,  our pricing is listed below.  If you have any questions  call us ( 650 ) 307-5478 8am - 5 pm EST or if you prefer contact our sales department.

Please note that all editons of list sorcerer contain the same functionality the only difference between the edtions is the limitation on the List Size which is listed below.  In addtion the list size refers to the total amount of recipients or subscribers within your combined lists and not the amount of emails that you can send out to them.  For example you might have a list size of 5,000 subscribers however you might wish to send out 100 pieces of promotional material to each of them,  doing this would be perfectly fine as the imposed limitation is on the amount of subscribers and not the amount of material being sent to them

For security and in order to prevent possible faud all initial product purchases of List Sorcerer will require a faxed in order.  Any additonal order from us may be conducted in realtime online.

New Product Pricing
Upon selecting the Purchase button below, you will be directed to a form, which must be printed out and faxed to the number provided.  Upon receipt we will process your order and then promptly email you back our official List Sorcerer welcome package.  If you have any questions about this process please contact us.

If you wish to upgrade from a previously purchased edtion below to a greater list size edtion you would only need to pay the difference in the purchase price between the editon you currently have and the edtion that you wish to upgrade to.  If you own a previous verson of "List Sorcerer Professional" you are also eligible for special upgrade pricing.  If you have any questions about this process please contact us.
List Sorcerer Edition List  Size (E-mails) Price US$ 6 Mth Support Purchase
Free Edition 300 FREE** Not Included Contact Sales
Basic Edition 5,000 $ 299 Included Buy Email Marketing Software Basic Edition
Standard Edition 10,000 $ 399 Included Buy Email Marketing Software Standard Edition
Small Business Edition 50,000 $ 599 Included Buy Email Marketing Software Small Business Edition
Professional Edition 250,000 $ 799 Included Buy Email Marketing Software Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition Unlimited $ 995 Included Buy Email Marketing Software Enterprise Edition
all prices are in USD
** The Free edition requires that you post our list sorcerer sponsored by link on your webpage.

Annual Support Pricing
All new product purchases include 6 mths support,  it is not a requirement to purchase extended support however it is highly recommeneded and entitles you to always the lastest version of list sorcerer free of charge in addtion to the free use of our List Sorcerer Analytics Service..  If you have any questions please contact our sales department.
List Sorcerer Edition List Size (E-mails) 1 Year Support Purchase
Basic Edition 5,000 $149
All other Editions 10,000 - Unlimited $ 200
all prices are in USD
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