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Email Marketing Software - Video Tutorials


Listed below are video tutorials, we suggest that you start with viewing the list sorcerer email marketing suite product introduction.  New video tutorials will be added regularly, so be sure to check this area often.  If you would like to see a tutorial on a specific topic please contact  us in order to request it.


Basic Quick-Start Videos

Getting Started - This tutorial will walk you through the process of registering, configuring your inbound and outbound email setting using the configuration wizard, setting up your first campaign, and sending your first test email to your email account of choice.
Introduction to setting up and managing a newsletter - This tutorial will walk you through the entire process of setting up a newsletter type campaign which will obtain its new member data( email address and full name from an email form being sent from your website.  Upon completion of setting this campaign up we will then walk through the entire process step by step of obtaining new member data, double opt-in verifying the new member, sending the verified member their first newsletter and then processing the verified members request to be removed from your newsletter upon which the system will automatically email them a goodbye letter.

Basic Working with Data Videos

Importing data from MSWord and other programs into your list - This email marketing segment will show you how to import a list of email addresses that are contained within a word document using the clipboard.  This procedure could be easily applied to other programs.
Importing data from Microsoft Outlook into your campaign - Importing a list of contacts, address book or other information contained within Microsoft outlook is a snap as you'll see upon viewing this video.  This same procedure can be easily applied to outlook express and other email clients.

Working with Live Data Bases

Connecting and using a live Access 2003/2007 database in real-time. - This tutorial segment will demonstrate how to create a campaign that makes use of either an access 2003 or access 2007 database in real-time.  It then goes onto a quick demonstration of using this live data dynamically in order to personalize the default email template.

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