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Bulk Email Marketing Software for email newsletters, live email merge and mass email broadcasts, complete email campaign list management that will protect your customer data.

email marketing software which increases your email advertising profits
Email marketing software for email marketing and advertising, customer database promotion, targeted email generation and opt in list management.

anonymous emailPowerful and FREE Can-Spam compliant email marketing software solution that meets the needs of all size businesses and always keeps your customers data, safe and protected from the eyes of third party sources.

Its not only expected but now the law and the responsibility of all companies to automatically ensure that their customers data is not shared or distributed with any third party sources without the express permission of their customers.  Its a well known fact uploading your data to third parties in order to have them manage your marketing campaigns compromises the integrity of your customers data.  However using a proven program such as ours protects both you and ensures the integrity of your customers information but keeping it safe and secure.

 List Sorcerer is a complete turnkey desktop email marketing software package. This bulk email marketing system is both cost effective and easy to use and comes equipped with a complete set of tightly integrated and powerful marketing tools.

Using our program your imagination will be the only thing that limits your marketing endeavors. Flawlessly manage follow-up sales letters, newsletters, timed serried course ware, e-tutorials, duration bound promotions, coupons, custom bound data queries and so much more.

With our program you can either have it create and maintain your campaigns list internally or have it connect to your live customer database in real-time   Our program can manage an unlimited amount of campaigns 

anonymous emailThe most complete can-spam full circle mass email marketing software system available anywhere.

This bulk email system can manage an unlimited amount of campaigns with each campaign managing a completely separate set of data and business rules.   Set up a campaign just once then sit back and marvel at how list sorcerer will do the rest.  Each campaign automatically inherits support for:

  • Connecting to external Live data or
  • New members joining.
  • Existing members leaving.
  • Double opt-in membership verification.
  • Automatic archival of original membership verification emails with timestamps and all headers which are readily available for viewing at anytime.
  • Ability to extract data from membership emails and append such data to your existing database.
  • Works in conjunction with our free list sorcerer analytics service allow you to easily manage the subscriptions and unsubscribe requests directly from your own website without having to perform any additional coding.


anonymous emailCreate and store your campaigns data internally configuring it to store whatever data you wish. Or attach to and use your existing live data base in real-time.

 Truly interact with your campaigns data wherever it may be. List Sorcerer can create a internal database campaign to reflect as little or as many data fields as you wish, imagine being able to quickly create internal campaigns that manage subscribers with just an email address or contain a full spectrum of other information, perhaps, name, telephone number, address, membership number, etc. Or if you prefer within just a few steps using our configuration wizard you will be able to create fully fledged campaigns that make full use of your existing live data, when you create a campaign in this format you will never have to import data again. Regardless of the campaign type you choose it will be able to automatically monitor and react to different conditions within your campaigns data and then based upon these events automatically send different offers, newsletters, text, coupons etc.

List Sorcerer also creates a form view of each subscriber record, using this form view will greatly enhance the usability should you ever enter data manually. Several of our installations simultaneously access their campaign data driving entire data entry department using this data form view.   

Below are just a few of the email marketing software 5 star awards that List Sorcerer - the bulk email marketing system has won.
ONEKIT.COM - Software Magazine

anonymous emailEasily send from the most basic to the most fully personalized complex email which include automatic unsubscribe links, referral links and so much more.

Email templates contained within any campaign can be managed independently or as complete timed series which can be sent fully personalized in either text, html, or both also known as multi-part format. This means that you can embed live data from whatever data you've given your campaign access too. In addition list sorcerer also is able convert your graphics into embedded images should you wish, this means that the recipients of your emails will not have to click on anything in order to see the pictures that are part of your email.

anonymous emailEvery e-mail address contains both a detailed audit trial for tracking and the creation of a subscription evidence file.

Our email marketing systems software automatically, archives all events surrounding every possible hop, skip and jump, that every subscriber within your campaign has encountered. In addition every original email subscription email is archived and readily available using the tracking feature that's built into every campaign.

anonymous email

Using inbound rules not only manage removal requests. double opt-in verifications amongst other things but also add new subscriptions to your campaigns complete with full support for advanced data extractions and field placement. These means that if the email the system is reading contains email address, street address, telephone number and other information, you can automatically have this information added to your campaign without doing any extra work..

anonymous emailBuilt-in job scheduler, Reporting module and advanced data query support.

Using our scheduler you will be able to schedule the exact timing of both Using our scheduler you will be able to schedule the exact timing of both inbound rules and auto responders as well as the outbound emailing of your campaigns. These tasks may be either scheduled as single events and repetitive tasks, In addition any scheduled event can be easily configured to entail the entirety of your campaigns data or just a subset by using a custom sub query. All scheduled tasks also support the sending of email notifications to you upon completion which will keep you in constant touch with the status and progressions of events surrounding your campaigns.

Reporting Module and data write back to each subscriber every time any event happens, each member of your campaign has a complete audit trial attached to them and can be readily viewed at anytime.

anonymous emailSend outbound email using your own mail server our ours.

All outbound mailing can be initiated using either your own mail server or using list sorcerer's state of the art built-in email server.  Our mass email marketing program offers full enterprise support for communication and routing your valuable email to SMTP servers as well as SSL support via TLS or SSL direct.

anonymous emailKeeps your valuable customer data well away from prying eyes.

Using our program will protect your valuable data from others.  Unlike other third part solutions where you just first upload your list and risk it to others.  The list sorcerer program securely manages the entirety of your precious data for you.

anonymous emailNo need for another other third party or to own your own mail server.

Although List Sorcerer gives you the full benefit of accurately monitoring the status and progress made within each campaign, our technology does not require that you first purchase a server of your own.  Using our program will enable you to effortlessly maintain and fully manage your campaigns using any third party shared hosting available.  Our program is fully compatible with even the free hosting space that most ISP's give away with your regular internet connection.

anonymous emailFirst class, high priority support.

Every owner of List Sorcerer will automatically not only receive access to our email user forums, knowledge base and support email, but should you have a question we are always on hand to help.  Support is offered through a variety of channels and our ultimate goal is to also supply you with record time accurate and helpful responses.  In addition the list sorcerer program itself contains embedded access to support forums, live e-mail abuse feeds, and video screen casts which demonstrate basic and advanced program functionality

List Sorcerer is by far the best and most powerful bulk Email Marketing Software Suite available today for managing your mass email campaigns and bulk user lists in real time.

Fast  Responsible  Efficient  Targeted

List Sorcerer does the drudge work - you do the marketing.

Whatever your business, you can benefit
from List Sorcerer's email marketing magic.

email marketer

list managementPlease e-mail us here with any questions you may have regarding our email marketing software.


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