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Below you can download a free full product version of are award winning bulk email marketing campaign software.

This software is the #1 email marketing software and opt-list managment software on the internet,   Its free to try and also free to keep.

If our email marketing software suite is not doing something that you require,  please email us here and let us know.  If it sounds worthwhile then we will add it in.

email campaign software downloads below:

Download email marketing software Now Download Now

List Sorcerer build 2120
CanSpam Compliant Edition - Light

Free download 3.16MB

If you don't currently own List Sorcerer Pro you may download a copy of our bulk email marketing software now by simply selecting the link above:

".. LSP email software suite now screams.."

additions include:




  • powerful new email autoresponders that will allow you to accomplish just about anything.
  • Super Fast email delivery, 250,000+ per hour when it acts as its own mail server and even faster when submitting to an existing smtp server or severs.
  • Quickly , faster more efficient then ever. 100% XP compatable.
  • User Name, Password Support for ESMTP authentication
  • enhanced 24 hour man support. ( have multiple copies of LSP all working together around the clock to get your job out. )
  • support for both database resident and external file mailings
  • Pause your mailing X seconds between batch submissions
  • Now Create Lists Via POP3 RuleSets
  • Built in LSP Tutorials.
  • Support for up to 9 concurrent List Sorcerer Programs running simultaneously ON THE SAME MACHINE all performing  different tasks, even on the same entities if you wish.
  • File attachment support within both plain and html template modes.
  • support for multi "Rcpt To:"'s, and port varied batch sizes
  • support for up to 256 ports simultaneously
  • addition of a undeliverable retry count.
  • expanded upon macro <EMBEDSTR=> capabilities
  • POP3 Rule Sets - ability to create both a default ( catch all ) and an unlimited amount of specialized POP3 rule sets. Within each rule set you will be able to either add the recipient to the kill file, instantaneously send the recipient a specialized email, or resend the recipients email onto another email account of your choice.
  • Utilities such as File Split & External File Purge.
  • Support for an unlimited about of external SMTP servers,
  • Support for both global Email Exclusion and Inclusions
  • Addition of a "Sit On List" mode which will allow an LSP mailer to sit on the selected list in the background and mail automatically as new addresses are added to the open list.



Download email marketing software Now Download Now

List Sorcerer build 2120
CanSpam Compliant Edition - Light

Free download 3.16MB

Important Notices:

  • To put Listsorcerer into product demonstration mode, it is necessary to enter 9999999 when prompted for the registration number.  You will need to have an active Internet connection when doing this.  
  • Don't be fooled however.  even with list sorcerer operating in demo mode.  you will still be able to use it just like the full version of our email marketing software suite.  The only limitation within demonstraction mode is the size that you can make your lists.  Other then that this software will not timeout and it is yours to keep free of charge forever.
  • If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact us.  We are here to help,  and will strive to give you the highest level of service possible.