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Wheather you are attempting to enhance your programs list management software abilities or its email marketing strengths, a plugin might be just what you need.

A plug in is a program module that is not part of the base program. Plug Ins are sold separately and in addition to the base purchase price of the List Sorcerer Professional product. the reason that we have plug ins is that not everyone has a requirement for them and as such it would hardly be fair to charge everyone for them. Plug Ins are reasonably priced and can be purchased from your original List Sorcerer Vendor. Please refer to the list below for information about available Plug In's, Plug In's usually range in price between $99.00USD and $199.00 USD.

Outlook Express Plug In

Using this plugin you will be able to convert message folders resident within Microsoft Outlook Express into .LSP files for easy import into List Sorcerer. Name, Email Address and Date Received data will be maintained within the newly created .LSP file. Now staying with your personal contacts has never easier or more efficient. Now you can send personalized email out to everyone within your outlook express and make each email look like it was indivially sent and personalized. Now following up with existing outlook express past email has never been easier. This PlugIn is a must for all people. Imagine being able to contact all your past customers with one simple click.

OPT IN Verification System

According to MAPS Guidelines:

Permission of new subscribers must be fully verified before mailings commence. This is usually accomplished by means of an email message sent to the subscriber to which s/he must reply, or containing a URL which s/he must visit, in order to complete the subscription. However it is implemented, a fundamental requirement of all lists is for verification of all new subscriptions.

This "Plugin" will not only manage your confirmation emails for you but also hold a copy of the subscribers response email should you ever need to publicly confirm this.

Database Unity Plug In

Create Lists that become one with any of your resident customer databases. This means that the program will now be able to:

  • read from any of your customer database fields
  • create subscriber lists using your customer database, and POP3 rulesets
  • be able to personalize your outgoing emails with any information found within your customer database
  • populate your database with information such as time last sent, success of mailing ect.

Reporting Plug In

Generate statistical reporting on mailings, lists, reponse rate, conversion rate ect.

Marketing Plug In

Multi level mailings, you can preset a selected group of emails and program when they get delivered, i.e Letter#1, then two weeks later, Letter#2 ect..

Custom Plug In

We can write you a custom *"Plugin" to suit your needs. If this is a requirement please let us know. Remember a "Plugin" can also be created in order to access certain sites., i.e. auction, travel, almost any task you would want to accomplish can be created as a "Plugin". Once created you custom plug in will make any previous task simply and efficient

If you would like use to create a custom plug in for you then please feel free to send us a an email.