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Automatic Email Responder Software

Many companies currently drive their entire email newletter campaigns from their email responses alone. List sorcerer supports many forms of email list generataion and this is only one of them. List Sorcerers email automatic responder's are controlled throguh what we term Pop3 Rule Sets. With the use of these POP3 rulesets almost any functionality can be added to your incoming email responses.

With List Sorcerer POP3 Rule Sets you will be able to build, manage, and maintain your email lists and newletters entirely from email responses. Pop3 Rule Sets will easily allow you to manage your existing lists or create new email marketing lists that are generated from email responses. With this automatic email responder feature you will be able to apply an unlimited amount of functions to be performed on each newly received email response.

Listed below are just a few of the features that ourPOP3 Rule Sets ( automatic email autoresponders ) have to offer:

  • automatically create new customer email lists from your email responses.
  • port over information from one list to another based up upon the response of an email received
  • extract customer information from emails received and then use this information when creating your personalized email or campaign newsletter.
  • automatically remove people from all subscription lists globally or just from a select few based upon their email request.
  • drive entire email newsletter campaigns, involving adding users, removing users, automatcially unsubscribing users, sending users confirmation emails
  • automatically send potential customers more information and followup email.
  • Supports an unlimited amount of entries only to be limited by your available hard disk space.
  • each on these entries will be processed up against each e-mail within your POP3 inbox. When a match is found the appropriate action ( as listed within your rule set ) will be taken and then the message will be automatically removed from your inbox.
  • and so much more....

email automatic responder software for building managing and maintaining you customer email marketing campaign lists.

Whatever your business, you can benefit
from List Sorcerer's Automatic email responder software.

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